Fall/ Winter 2024-2025 CSA Agreement

I understand that the First and Last Days for Spring CSA share pickup are the following and that there are 2 Holiday exceptions:
The first pick up dates for the CSA are Thursday, October, 17th for pick up locations, except on Farm; Friday and Saturday, October 18th-19th for on Farm pickup.
The last dates of the CSA are Thursday, February 6th for pick up locations except on Farm; Friday and Saturday, February 7th and-8th for on Farm pickup.
1st Holiday exception: For the week preceding Thanksgiving, ALL pickups will be on TUESDAY, November 26th.

2nd Holiday exception: For the week of December 23rd-29th (Christmas week), there will be NO DELIVERIES OR ON FARM PICKUP. 
I understand that if I don't make it to my pickup location in the time slot: 
We will try our best to get ahold of you with the contact info you have given us, but if you aren't there and we cannot get ahold of you we have to continue to the other pickup locations. In that case you can meet us at one of the following pickup locations or arrange a time to come get your share on the farm (Northside of Jacksonville).

I understand that if I need to change my pickup location for my CSA share: 
We ask that you let us know by the Tuesday of the week you need to change so we can have your share packed for the appropriate location.

I understand that if I will be out of town on pick up days:

There are three options we offer for you to choose from if this is the case:
1. You can arrange for someone else to pick up your CSA share for you.
2. We can give you credit on your account (via a promo code) for that week's CSA share to use on our online store at a later time during the CSA time period. We can only offer the discount code ONE time over the course of the 16 weeks. For future times you are not able to pick up after that, you can have someone else pick up your share for you or it will be donated. Also, the discount code can be used either during the current CSA season or can be applied to payment for the following CSA season. At the end of the current CSA season if it has not been used for either of those options it will expire. 
3. You can tell us to donate your CSA share and we will do that for you.
If you do not not let us know your preference the week prior that you will be away, then your CSA share will be donated. 

I understand that my CSA share is "Farmers Choice" and that I cannot make substitutions:

One of the benefits of the CSA is it provides opportunities for you to step outside of your food comfort zone and try new things. Or if you've tried it before...try it again because there is nothing I've grown that doesn't taste better than the grocery store provides, so you may be surprised. We do not offer the option of substituting items in our CSA share each week. We do offer support by way of recipes and ideas of how to enjoy the produce we grow, and if there is anything you are unsure how to prepare feel free to send us an email and we can give you some ideas. 
That being said, we send out an optional survey where we do ask for your preference on the greens and vegetables we grow and we try our best to accommodate if we can. If there are certain items that you cannot eat we also ask about that in our survey and make sure to accommodate.